Thursday, January 26, 2012

We (don't) want the funk!

2012 finds me in somewhat of a funk. And I absolutely hate using the term 'funk' because there is nothing funky fresh about my life recently. I've lost my crafty edge and I'm milling around the house wasting time checking out what other peeps are doing... So, yeah.
On a more positive note, there have been quite a few little home improvements embarked upon and even finished! :)
The house is coming
along, slowly but surely.

We added a little bit of organization in the laundry room and it's a flipping life saver for sure! Never thought I would get excited over shelves. But guess what. I am, and I'm okay with it.

Shelves in the garage, dimmer switches, big fancy mirrors, parking guide (with a tennis ball) and hopefully more this weekend after we have a nice little drunken RockBand get together!


Kelly said...

Hey Misc Mary! Glad to see you posting again! :-) I can tell that you have been working out a lot! I wonder if you could post some workout and diet tips for those of us who sit on our butts all day.

Mary said...

I will totally have to write a bit about workouts and eating, etc! We all need to get sexy for summer, right?!