Thursday, September 9, 2010

Move, settle, yard sale!

The moving mess. My kitchen/dining area looked so big when it was empty...

The jump from Tempe to Mesa has not been exhausting, like I imagined, but has made me into an energized, spanking new homeowner!
Recently my days have consisted of papering drawers and shelves and trying to keep that 'new' place feel while finding a place for every single boxed item.
It's not happening though, some of my old things just don't fit in anymore!
Yard sale time? I think so.
Muti-household sales are the way to go. The more junk a garage sale has, the more likely I am to stop! For instance: If I see a couple books laying on a table, I know I will happen upon a box of Dean Koontz with a sprinkle of Stephen King and maybe a twist of Grisham. Mmmm. The perfect late night snack!

Shopping at your own sale is a must, especially if it's multi-fam. It's fun to snoop through everyone's items. I always find something I must have! Of course. I know it's counter productive, but it's just the thrill of the yard sale find that gets me.

When the fun is over, it's really over. Time to pack up and dump the left-overs off at the Goodwill or maybe just save them for the next sale.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Wine (or Whine) Blog

My witty sister's blog about her wine tasting adventures!
Definitely worth a read.

A Wine (or whine) Blog