Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a trip!

I went completely insane when I heard that Puscifer was going to put on some shows in Vegas! I thought, "All those lucky a-holes get to see Puscifer!"
After a bit of 'what-if-ing' me and the hubby decided to go for it.

We found an awesome room rate at a four star hotel and we even scored some super SWEET seats for the show too!

I drove the whole way to Vegas and we checked in to the hotel kind of late. We ended up drinking a bit!

The next day we got up and hit the breakfast buffet then went back to bed!
Later on we went to check out the strip..
I had some super high hopes for Las Vegas. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew it would be fun! I had more fun in my hotel room than on the strip... more fun on the road than on the strip. The strip is cheesy, crowded and dirty.
It's just not my thing! Maybe if I liked to gamble it would have been a completely different experience.

Then there was Puscifer! :) The absolute best part of the trip!
I have to say that the Pearl Theater in the Palms is such a neat venue! I absolutely love how small it is and there is a bar on every level just outside of the doors that lead you to your seats! The ushers or security are all dressed up like giant douches but that is an easy flaw to overlook.
Wow... Puscifer delivered!! It was an amazing performance by Maynard James Keenan and the whole crew. The skits were funny and the crowd was really into it!
We met a little family who flew in from Switzerland just to see the show!
I had the whole experience, someone even spilled beer all over my feet. Good times.

It was an experience but next trip I'm going back to Cali!


ciara said...

as someone who lived there for 21 yrs, i avoided the strip like the plague! lol i still do. i'm not one for crowds and such. when i go to vegas i visit my 21 yr old son & my parents...locals only go to the strip if they have out of town guests or it's absolutely necessary or maybe they want to see a show. to me, vegas is what you make it...i choose to make it all fuddy duddy lol

Mary said...

Yeah, it's just not my cup of tea. Maybe it would have been cool ten years ago when I was really into partying!