Thursday, October 2, 2008

Granny Square Scandal

Time to dig out the old yarn and hooks from my closet. I let my crochet supplies hibernate for the summer. I can't even think of crocheting when it's so hot out. Just thinking about yarn makes me warm, which is why it is tucked away nicely under a few boxes in my bedroom closet.
In February of this year, I made some granny squares which were supposed to be used to make an afghan for an ailing forum member. But instead, the naughty afghan organizer made off with a bunch of completed squares and even some money which was supposed to be for shipping the afghan to the recipient.
If that isn't bad enough, there was a second blanket to be made for another fellow crochet lover who is also not well, with the same sad result. I hope whoever got the squares, and never put them together or sent them, really enjoys them and always remembers in the back of their mind that they took this comfort away from someone who could really use it. They know it wasn't right and they have to live with being a nasty thief.
Myself and a few other ladies are going to have another go at making the blankets again. I trust the gal in charge of putting the blankets together this time!

I'm just looking for a unique, 6 inch granny square pattern now... any suggestions?

I was thinking about this one!