Friday, October 24, 2008

Delicious Lemon and Strawberry cake!

I had a couple of hours ALL to myself last night! I was amazed that I had any time alone so I took complete advantage! I pulled out my growing collection of brand new, nice and neat, packages of polymer clay and started kneading my little heart out!
I found an awesome tut online on how to make a polymer clay cake. I read it over about a week ago and since I have no computer in the bedroom where my workspace is, I winged it!

It was so strange but I ended up giggling whilst pulling the miniature cake out of my huge oven! It was a totally SWEET and fun little project. I will be experimenting with clay some more, after I build up some more resin jewelry inventory.

Enjoy the sweet photo! :)


Leslie said...

It came out GREAT! lol i thought it was real cake for a moment. Great job.

Mary said...

Thank you! It was actually fun to make!