Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Construction Woes

I have contractors in my home, adding a washer and dryer hookup where my linen closet was. I had no idea the mess and inconvenience the whole project was going to cause. I come home from driving David in the morning to a big mess that runs from right outside the front door all the way through the living room, down the hall, and in the linen closet and the second bedroom closet. Wow! They're basically knocking down the wall between the two closets and making a new wall, a foot into the bedroom closet, with plumbing and electricity for my washer and dryer.
There is a big hole in the floor of the bedroom closet where they're running the new drain pipe for the washer. For some reason, I'm afraid that worms and bugs will find there way through the open hole, into my home and possibly into my bed while I'm sleeping! :-P
It's going to be worth it when it's done. I get a kick ass, new high efficiency washer and dryer set and I won't have to lug all my laundry out to the laundry room once a week.
I just had my carpets cleaned last week, so they're undoing all the cleanliness!! Not cool. But I'm sure the contractor's top priority is not to keep things tidy.
Not to mention the fact that they leave the front door wide open to let lots of huge black flies inside to land and contaminate everything of mine!
There is a thick layer of dust and who knows what, all over my pretty new lcd tv and our other electronics. I'm paranoid of lead or asbestos in the air since I'm home during the day....
Yep, this will be my life for the next week and a half.
They ARE putting up the new drywall today so maybe it's going faster than I know.
If my lungs start hurting, I'm hauling ass out of here!!