Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sexy Cupcake

Mmm, mmm! So sweet and sugary, I got a cavity while making this one!! I love love love my new resin mold to death. I say 'screw it' when someone says that certain molds should be used for certain things.
Fuck that! I'll use what I want to use. Lookie what my bad attitude landed me.

I totally wanted to keep it but I listed it on my etsy shop instead and it sold right away! http://everythingsblue.etsy.com

Oh, I made some kick ass little ducks too! This one is sooo cute and it's still available... Might make some more tonight!

I also shipped my first international order today! It was totally painless. I don't know why everyone doesn't ship internationally. Anyways... you rock, Canada!

I'm off to make some resin goodies... :)