Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Resin Art pendants for unique chicas!

I am getting things ready and trying to clean out my older merchandise to make way for my newest creations!
If you'd like something from my shop, leave me a comment here on my blog and I'll give you free shipping!
If you need help signing up on Etsy just message me! I'll be glad to help!
This is the perfect time to snatch up the sale items and get free shipping at the same time. My cute candy pendants make sweet gifts for the fun and unique girls in your life. Young or old, everyone seems to enjoy them!
I use the best quality resin and hand cast each and every resin art pendant myself in my home studio! I have excellent feedback on Etsy. Do your early Christmas shopping in my shop!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Polymer Clay Obsession!

I recently purchased a large amount of polymer clay at Michael's. I was, of course, at Michael's for something specific but ended up falling for the Sculpey Sale!
I recently began looking for some techniques to teach me the basics of clay and tools I may need to get started creating my very own miniature pieces.
There is seriously a wealth of information on the internet! People are generous with their knowledge and that benefits everyone interested in learning the basics.
I sat down this afternoon, wanting to finish something I can bake later on and found that just messing around with the clay is a great way to learn techniques of your own. I ended up with my clay in balls instead of in the shape of a piece of bake-able art. I know that I need a few tools and some 'liquid medium' and maybe even some translucent clay to start experimenting further.
I already know that this is my next big craft. I won't be able to put it down for a long time! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loquacious Pendants

When I first started delving into resin, I made a few pendants with words in them. I would have tried to sell them in my little Etsy shop but I made a big mistake while glossing them over with more resin. They ended up sticking to the plastic I had put down to protect my workspace.
I'm thinking about making more 'wordy' pendants in the near future but I'm at a bit of a loss on what they should say.
I like crude and funny but I'm not sure if there is much of a market for that kind of thing. I also love sweet and cute so we'll go there first and see if that works!
Here are a couple that I made and had to toss!

Friday, September 5, 2008

So Freakin' Sweet!

Know anyone who loves bright colors and things that are so sweet, they make your mouth water and your teeth hurt?
Well, now you do!

I've had a field day with some bright pink and purple cookie sugar!! I swear this stuff should be on everything.

I needed to fill these duckies with something special, why not sugar!?

Next I made the big old sweet cupcake! Only, I didn't just use cookie sugar. I threw in some sprinkles, three types, some beautiful fairy type glitter, and some silver glitter and here is the result.

These items probably won't be duplicated by me anytime soon as I want to give my sewing machine a workout during the next few months. I may be craving resin again in a few weeks though! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sexy Cupcake

Mmm, mmm! So sweet and sugary, I got a cavity while making this one!! I love love love my new resin mold to death. I say 'screw it' when someone says that certain molds should be used for certain things.
Fuck that! I'll use what I want to use. Lookie what my bad attitude landed me.

I totally wanted to keep it but I listed it on my etsy shop instead and it sold right away! http://everythingsblue.etsy.com

Oh, I made some kick ass little ducks too! This one is sooo cute and it's still available... Might make some more tonight!

I also shipped my first international order today! It was totally painless. I don't know why everyone doesn't ship internationally. Anyways... you rock, Canada!

I'm off to make some resin goodies... :)