Friday, August 29, 2008

Rubber Ducky

He's the one! He makes my bath time lots of fun!

I went nutz at Michael's today. There was a Sculpey sale that I just could not resist. I see a lot of people making awesome poly clay goodies and I'm thoroughly inspired! I already own a few colors but wow, they were only a dollar each!
The trip to Michael's was supposed to be a frugal little trip for only a couple items. I even had a coupon to make the shopping excursion a painless one! That plan went right out the window when I saw the sale.

My idea was yellow with a bit of orange and just a dot of blue. He baked for a bit in my little toaster oven (reserved just for clay use) and viola! He came to life in my hands! He's sweet and adorable and when I gaze into his little blue eye he brings me back to the days of watching Sesame Street on Channel 8.

As soon as I find him, I'll snap a picture and post it! :)

This little guy has his coat of resin and is almost ready for a new home!! Watch my Etsy shop!