Friday, August 29, 2008

Panty Raid

I love love love string bikini panties to DEATH! I can't stand panties that are too wide and although I own them, I don't always wear thong undies.
I recently went to Joann's to buy some fabric and came across some two inch stretch lace and my imagination ran wild. I grabbed a few yards and like many of my awesome craft store finds, it found its home quickly in a drawer.
I stumbled across the sweet stretchy lace and had a light bulb moment. I grabbed a really cute, pink and grey striped tank top that I've been thinking about donating and pulled out my scissors and my favorite little panties.
It was soooo easy to make a replica of my undies, I will post a tute when I have a few extra minutes. Mind you, they are just pinned together right now. I will hem the raw edges around the leg holes with a zig zag stitch and hope that stretches a little.
I also need to cut out a little cotton rectangle for the crotchity crotch.
Here they are/unfinished.
An updated/finished picture will be coming soon!
Oh, I tried them on after I pinned them and they fit great. I also got three little pin sticks in the leg. :(