Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doll Parts

I am doing a LOT of organizing around my home and dammit if I don't spend most of my organizing effort on my crafting supplies!
So, yesterday I come across my polymer clay, which was abandoned shortly after I purchased it and the initial excitement wore off. I opened each package, messed around with each color for a few minutes, sealed it in baggies and left it completely motherless and alone, to fend for itself in my craft storage drawers.
So here I am almost a year later, getting a little poly clay itch I'm just dying to scratch!
I have a minor fascination with anatomy, surgery and sometimes trauma. I am drawn to those late night Trauma shows but quickly turn the channel when one of my little ones or my hubby come in the room. Chad is disgusted with any kind of innards and I don't want to give my kids nightmares.
I decided to to a little anatomy research so I can make a few little trinkets of various organs!! I think to myself "What's cuter than a uterus?! Nothing!"
I start my search on the laptop in the room and away from scared children and husbands.
Uteri are not as cute as I once imagined. Not ugly, but not smiling at me either!