Friday, August 29, 2008

Rubber Ducky

He's the one! He makes my bath time lots of fun!

I went nutz at Michael's today. There was a Sculpey sale that I just could not resist. I see a lot of people making awesome poly clay goodies and I'm thoroughly inspired! I already own a few colors but wow, they were only a dollar each!
The trip to Michael's was supposed to be a frugal little trip for only a couple items. I even had a coupon to make the shopping excursion a painless one! That plan went right out the window when I saw the sale.

My idea was yellow with a bit of orange and just a dot of blue. He baked for a bit in my little toaster oven (reserved just for clay use) and viola! He came to life in my hands! He's sweet and adorable and when I gaze into his little blue eye he brings me back to the days of watching Sesame Street on Channel 8.

As soon as I find him, I'll snap a picture and post it! :)

This little guy has his coat of resin and is almost ready for a new home!! Watch my Etsy shop!

Panty Raid

I love love love string bikini panties to DEATH! I can't stand panties that are too wide and although I own them, I don't always wear thong undies.
I recently went to Joann's to buy some fabric and came across some two inch stretch lace and my imagination ran wild. I grabbed a few yards and like many of my awesome craft store finds, it found its home quickly in a drawer.
I stumbled across the sweet stretchy lace and had a light bulb moment. I grabbed a really cute, pink and grey striped tank top that I've been thinking about donating and pulled out my scissors and my favorite little panties.
It was soooo easy to make a replica of my undies, I will post a tute when I have a few extra minutes. Mind you, they are just pinned together right now. I will hem the raw edges around the leg holes with a zig zag stitch and hope that stretches a little.
I also need to cut out a little cotton rectangle for the crotchity crotch.
Here they are/unfinished.
An updated/finished picture will be coming soon!
Oh, I tried them on after I pinned them and they fit great. I also got three little pin sticks in the leg. :(

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doll Parts

I am doing a LOT of organizing around my home and dammit if I don't spend most of my organizing effort on my crafting supplies!
So, yesterday I come across my polymer clay, which was abandoned shortly after I purchased it and the initial excitement wore off. I opened each package, messed around with each color for a few minutes, sealed it in baggies and left it completely motherless and alone, to fend for itself in my craft storage drawers.
So here I am almost a year later, getting a little poly clay itch I'm just dying to scratch!
I have a minor fascination with anatomy, surgery and sometimes trauma. I am drawn to those late night Trauma shows but quickly turn the channel when one of my little ones or my hubby come in the room. Chad is disgusted with any kind of innards and I don't want to give my kids nightmares.
I decided to to a little anatomy research so I can make a few little trinkets of various organs!! I think to myself "What's cuter than a uterus?! Nothing!"
I start my search on the laptop in the room and away from scared children and husbands.
Uteri are not as cute as I once imagined. Not ugly, but not smiling at me either!

Yarn Craving

So, I was digging around in a couple boxes yesterday to see what I packed away when winter was over last year, and I found my Stitch n Bitch Crochet book that I got for Christmas a couple years ago.
I page through and remember how much FUN it is to complete
a lovely crochet project! I miss making nice neat stitches all in a lovely row.
The decision was made to grab my dusty hooks and rearrange my yarn collection. I will have to get rid of a TON of acrylic yarn to make way for the new yarn I've already purchased in my head!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Payson, AZ. I don't know what it is about this place. Every time I make the two hour drive up North to see some lovely lakes and do some catch and release, I get a glimpse of the strange sign phenomenon that I've come to expect in this area of Arizona.
Ok, so I've only snapped two photos that I consider to be somewhat strange.
I'll let you decide for yourself if these signs are odd!

I like the first one! The second one is just a little disturbing! Whoever heard of a Cabaret with cattle?!

Go figure. I will have my camera handy during my next visit to Payson and all the beautiful lakes in the area. I have been visiting the area a few times a year for as long as I can remember and I never want to stop the tradition! It's amazing how peaceful it seems, even with all the city peeps, like myself, trying to get away from the hot city and breathe a little bit of mountain air. We all gather by the lake and pretend we're alone and things don't seem so bad.

A little thing called blogging...

I'm not sure but I think I may like the whole blogging thing. I talk way way way too much so why not talk out into open space and see if anyone reads it?!
Fine by me! I think I have a lot to talk about but sometimes it seems like you can talk to someone for an hour and what has been accomplished? Just the passing of information from one brain to another... hopefully there ARE some brains involved! Well, apparently no brains are involved at the moment but I'm just filling up some empty air for someone who is looking to read without thinking much about WHAT they are reading.
Time to get the roast ready for dinner!