Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After finishing the four book Twilight series, I became a little needful for some new reading material to take my mind off of Edward, Bella and little Esme. I found that diving head first into a new, long series of books was just the thing I needed to calm my ever-growing hunger for a good book.
Someone, can't remember who at the moment, let me know that two of the shows that I've been watching, True Blood and Dexter, are books that I can pick up and read! Not only that, True Blood is based on an 8 book series! That should keep me busy for a while!
I finished the first book in the series in record time! It was great and I would love to read more! Book 8 will be released next year and the ninth book is in the works!
I ran out to do a little shopping today, searching for a Twilight poster of 'Jacob' for someone on my Christmas list. Hot Topic did not have it so I wandered over to Waldenbooks and sure enough, that's one person scratched off my growing list. While I was there, I decided to pick up a copy of 'Darkly Dreaming Dexter'. I'm a little disappointed to see a cheesy shot of Michael C. Hall on the front cover but... The gal at the register informed me that there are two more books in this series and this makes me a very happy camper!
In the meantime, I picked up a copy of 'The Darkest Evening of the Year' by my all-time favorite author, Dean Koontz. There are maybe five more Koontz books I need to read before I'm caught up on his work! I find it so easy to get into his stories and become attached to his characters!
So, in short, I have much reading to do!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holiday Disbelief

I say this every year but here goes! I can't believe that Christmas is next month! I had an excellent plan to buy and make gifts nice and early. Needless to say I have done absolutely nada when it comes to shopping and crafting for the upcoming holidays. What's a girl to do?
Well, I won't wait any longer! Hopefully I can find something lovely for a couple people on my 'nice' list! I was thinking that a few people will get books, a few will get my lovely handmade goodies, the kids will get toys and games of course, and every one will get a home made treat from my kitchen! BUT I'm not sure which kind of Christmas treats to make this year. Last year it was fudge, the year before it was fudge and the year before that it was cookies! I would love to try my hand at caramels but I'm not sure how they'll go over with the fam.
I have some planning to do!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Altered Dip, Finger Food Style!

I adore making dip! Warm Spinach and Artichoke dip is the one I usually make and it's delicious. I like to serve it with Trisquits or some kind of wheat crackers but I'm never sure what goes best with my creamy dip. I'd love to do away with the crackers all together!

1 10 oz package of chopped and frozen spinach
1 package frozen artichoke hearts/You can used jarred artichoke hearts
1 8 oz package cream cheese
1/2 cup lite sour cream
1/4 tsp garlic powder
red pepper flakes to taste

Pop the frozen spinach and artichokes in a saucepan with boiling water until they're tender. Drain well.
Mix all ingredients until well blended! Soooo easy and so yummy!

This is a recipe that I altered a bit. The original recipe called for a quarter cup of mayonnaise and a quarter cup of sour cream. I just added more sour cream and eliminated the mayo!

My big idea is to get some store-bought puff pastry and make tiny dumplings using the Spinach and Artichoke dip as the filling. Bake them until golden brown!

Do away with the crackers and never worry about double dipping again!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Delicious Lemon and Strawberry cake!

I had a couple of hours ALL to myself last night! I was amazed that I had any time alone so I took complete advantage! I pulled out my growing collection of brand new, nice and neat, packages of polymer clay and started kneading my little heart out!
I found an awesome tut online on how to make a polymer clay cake. I read it over about a week ago and since I have no computer in the bedroom where my workspace is, I winged it!

It was so strange but I ended up giggling whilst pulling the miniature cake out of my huge oven! It was a totally SWEET and fun little project. I will be experimenting with clay some more, after I build up some more resin jewelry inventory.

Enjoy the sweet photo! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Caramel Popcorn!

Movie night calls for a super special, sweet treat! This is the easiest thing in the world to make! Most of this recipe is from but it has been modified to fit the items in my pantry! The original recipe called for Karo corn syrup but I never have any on hand.

You will need:

10 cups plain popped corn or just a huge bowl full! Who needs measurements anyway?!

1 c brown sugar
1 stick unsalted butter
dash of salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbs white sugar
2 tbs water

Add all ingredients, except baking soda and popped corn, to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Let boil unstirred for five whole minutes. Take pan off heat and stir in baking soda. Pour over popped corn and stir! :)

The picture above is the batch I just made, using this recipe!

In-N-Out Burger 60th Anniversary

I recently received an email from a family member regarding In-N-Out Burger's 60th Anniversary. Here's what it said.

In-n-Out’s 60th Year Anniversary is Wednesday, October 22nd. All hamburgers will be sold for 25 cents, Cheeseburgers 30 cents, Fries 15 cents, and drinks are 10 cents!!! So mark your calendars!

It sounds too good to be true and turns out I was right! I'm really tired of people circulating emails when they don't take two seconds to make sure they're not just sending garbage along!

I wonder if In-N-Out didn't start the rumor themselves!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doesn't anyone make REAL Pumpkin Pie?

One extra step is all it takes to make a non-canned pumpkin pie. Cut and de-seed the pumpkin and bake it in a 350 degree oven until nice and soft. Scoop out the pumpkin flesh and use instead of the canned stuff!

Pumpkin Fact:
Canned pumpkin is actually better for you than the pumpkins you buy in the grocery store due to the fact that the pumpkin is harvested at the peak of freshness. It has had time to ripen and develop its vitamins on the vine. The pumpkins at the grocery store are plucked from the vine early, and ripen as they are headed to the store.

But hey! I love to make things that have not been handled by people in a factory.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Work hard, play harder!

I'm working on a couple new BIG and CHUNKY pendants! The first is a 'Winter Rubber Ducky'. Blue and silver with some pretty, sparkles. It looks cold and icy! I love the look so far.
The next one is in the shape of a birthday cake. I couldn't fit the whole words 'Birthday Girl' in it but I tried "BDay Girl" which is looking a bit on the lame side I'll probably re-do this one to say "Happy Birthday".
I still would love to make some polyclay goodies and I was so excited to start making things with clay. My excitement has gone cold thinking up things to make... I know what I'd like to make but I'm just not sure how to go about it. I guess it will take some failed attempts before I actually get there but I know I will eventually!
At least one of my new pendants should be up in my shop by Monday!

I'm so tired, I've been playing rockband with Chad for a couple hours! My eyes are all bugged out and red from trying to keep them open. My voice is a little hoarse too.
BTW, the Red Hot Chili Peppers album that was released on Rockband is just as awesome as it was 15 years ago. The whole album still blows me away to this day! :)
Ok! Night, night! I've got to get up early to make a great big breakfast for my men!

I need a change.

I get a haircut about once every year. Needless to say my hair is longer and without much style. It barely moves because it's so heavy!
My last couple haircuts were lacking in cuteness. I have yet to find a stylist who has much style!
I had a semi-bad experience with my last haircut. The stylist handed me her card which read 'nail technician' but there was a line through it and hand-written underneath, it read 'stylist'. This was AFTER the haircut!! I should have been tipped off when I saw HER hair! Fried and bleachy looking blond with a couple inches worth of black roots. She looked like she slept in her ponytail then rolled out of bed and came to work!
Sheesh, are you supposed to say 'That's ok, I'll wait for the next girl,' if your stylist looks like a mess? Rude? Yes. But I'd rather not have another haircut by someone who went from nail tech, scribble scribble, to stylist in a week.
I have not had a male cut my hair before and I'm not sure it would make much of a difference.
My best haircut was by this lady at a cheap-ish salon, years and years ago. I should have kept her card!! :(
I'm a little disgusted at the amount of money some people can charge for their mediocre cuts. I always thought that you get what you pay for but that is not the case for me in my experience!!
What I'd love, is a recommendation for a stylist who can handle thick, long hair! Someone who will take their time and do it right so I don't have to come back and do some embarrassing complaining.
What's a girl to do? I need a change!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I have a LONG 'to do' list that gets longer by the day. I have been putting little things off for a couple weeks and they are really adding up!
We're still living in a 'construction zone' at the moment so I don't feel like I have things in order, and that really throws me off my schedule! I'm only really happy when my surroundings are clean and neat. I can only get things done when I'm in a semi-good mood.
Today's objective:
Tackle 'to do' list!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Granny Square Scandal

Time to dig out the old yarn and hooks from my closet. I let my crochet supplies hibernate for the summer. I can't even think of crocheting when it's so hot out. Just thinking about yarn makes me warm, which is why it is tucked away nicely under a few boxes in my bedroom closet.
In February of this year, I made some granny squares which were supposed to be used to make an afghan for an ailing forum member. But instead, the naughty afghan organizer made off with a bunch of completed squares and even some money which was supposed to be for shipping the afghan to the recipient.
If that isn't bad enough, there was a second blanket to be made for another fellow crochet lover who is also not well, with the same sad result. I hope whoever got the squares, and never put them together or sent them, really enjoys them and always remembers in the back of their mind that they took this comfort away from someone who could really use it. They know it wasn't right and they have to live with being a nasty thief.
Myself and a few other ladies are going to have another go at making the blankets again. I trust the gal in charge of putting the blankets together this time!

I'm just looking for a unique, 6 inch granny square pattern now... any suggestions?

I was thinking about this one!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Construction Woes

I have contractors in my home, adding a washer and dryer hookup where my linen closet was. I had no idea the mess and inconvenience the whole project was going to cause. I come home from driving David in the morning to a big mess that runs from right outside the front door all the way through the living room, down the hall, and in the linen closet and the second bedroom closet. Wow! They're basically knocking down the wall between the two closets and making a new wall, a foot into the bedroom closet, with plumbing and electricity for my washer and dryer.
There is a big hole in the floor of the bedroom closet where they're running the new drain pipe for the washer. For some reason, I'm afraid that worms and bugs will find there way through the open hole, into my home and possibly into my bed while I'm sleeping! :-P
It's going to be worth it when it's done. I get a kick ass, new high efficiency washer and dryer set and I won't have to lug all my laundry out to the laundry room once a week.
I just had my carpets cleaned last week, so they're undoing all the cleanliness!! Not cool. But I'm sure the contractor's top priority is not to keep things tidy.
Not to mention the fact that they leave the front door wide open to let lots of huge black flies inside to land and contaminate everything of mine!
There is a thick layer of dust and who knows what, all over my pretty new lcd tv and our other electronics. I'm paranoid of lead or asbestos in the air since I'm home during the day....
Yep, this will be my life for the next week and a half.
They ARE putting up the new drywall today so maybe it's going faster than I know.
If my lungs start hurting, I'm hauling ass out of here!!

A few places you could find me.

Just a quickie with my links! :)

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My Etsy

See you around!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Resin Art pendants for unique chicas!

I am getting things ready and trying to clean out my older merchandise to make way for my newest creations!
If you'd like something from my shop, leave me a comment here on my blog and I'll give you free shipping!
If you need help signing up on Etsy just message me! I'll be glad to help!
This is the perfect time to snatch up the sale items and get free shipping at the same time. My cute candy pendants make sweet gifts for the fun and unique girls in your life. Young or old, everyone seems to enjoy them!
I use the best quality resin and hand cast each and every resin art pendant myself in my home studio! I have excellent feedback on Etsy. Do your early Christmas shopping in my shop!

Buy Handmade

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Polymer Clay Obsession!

I recently purchased a large amount of polymer clay at Michael's. I was, of course, at Michael's for something specific but ended up falling for the Sculpey Sale!
I recently began looking for some techniques to teach me the basics of clay and tools I may need to get started creating my very own miniature pieces.
There is seriously a wealth of information on the internet! People are generous with their knowledge and that benefits everyone interested in learning the basics.
I sat down this afternoon, wanting to finish something I can bake later on and found that just messing around with the clay is a great way to learn techniques of your own. I ended up with my clay in balls instead of in the shape of a piece of bake-able art. I know that I need a few tools and some 'liquid medium' and maybe even some translucent clay to start experimenting further.
I already know that this is my next big craft. I won't be able to put it down for a long time! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loquacious Pendants

When I first started delving into resin, I made a few pendants with words in them. I would have tried to sell them in my little Etsy shop but I made a big mistake while glossing them over with more resin. They ended up sticking to the plastic I had put down to protect my workspace.
I'm thinking about making more 'wordy' pendants in the near future but I'm at a bit of a loss on what they should say.
I like crude and funny but I'm not sure if there is much of a market for that kind of thing. I also love sweet and cute so we'll go there first and see if that works!
Here are a couple that I made and had to toss!

Friday, September 5, 2008

So Freakin' Sweet!

Know anyone who loves bright colors and things that are so sweet, they make your mouth water and your teeth hurt?
Well, now you do!

I've had a field day with some bright pink and purple cookie sugar!! I swear this stuff should be on everything.

I needed to fill these duckies with something special, why not sugar!?

Next I made the big old sweet cupcake! Only, I didn't just use cookie sugar. I threw in some sprinkles, three types, some beautiful fairy type glitter, and some silver glitter and here is the result.

These items probably won't be duplicated by me anytime soon as I want to give my sewing machine a workout during the next few months. I may be craving resin again in a few weeks though! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sexy Cupcake

Mmm, mmm! So sweet and sugary, I got a cavity while making this one!! I love love love my new resin mold to death. I say 'screw it' when someone says that certain molds should be used for certain things.
Fuck that! I'll use what I want to use. Lookie what my bad attitude landed me.

I totally wanted to keep it but I listed it on my etsy shop instead and it sold right away!

Oh, I made some kick ass little ducks too! This one is sooo cute and it's still available... Might make some more tonight!

I also shipped my first international order today! It was totally painless. I don't know why everyone doesn't ship internationally. Anyways... you rock, Canada!

I'm off to make some resin goodies... :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rubber Ducky

He's the one! He makes my bath time lots of fun!

I went nutz at Michael's today. There was a Sculpey sale that I just could not resist. I see a lot of people making awesome poly clay goodies and I'm thoroughly inspired! I already own a few colors but wow, they were only a dollar each!
The trip to Michael's was supposed to be a frugal little trip for only a couple items. I even had a coupon to make the shopping excursion a painless one! That plan went right out the window when I saw the sale.

My idea was yellow with a bit of orange and just a dot of blue. He baked for a bit in my little toaster oven (reserved just for clay use) and viola! He came to life in my hands! He's sweet and adorable and when I gaze into his little blue eye he brings me back to the days of watching Sesame Street on Channel 8.

As soon as I find him, I'll snap a picture and post it! :)

This little guy has his coat of resin and is almost ready for a new home!! Watch my Etsy shop!

Panty Raid

I love love love string bikini panties to DEATH! I can't stand panties that are too wide and although I own them, I don't always wear thong undies.
I recently went to Joann's to buy some fabric and came across some two inch stretch lace and my imagination ran wild. I grabbed a few yards and like many of my awesome craft store finds, it found its home quickly in a drawer.
I stumbled across the sweet stretchy lace and had a light bulb moment. I grabbed a really cute, pink and grey striped tank top that I've been thinking about donating and pulled out my scissors and my favorite little panties.
It was soooo easy to make a replica of my undies, I will post a tute when I have a few extra minutes. Mind you, they are just pinned together right now. I will hem the raw edges around the leg holes with a zig zag stitch and hope that stretches a little.
I also need to cut out a little cotton rectangle for the crotchity crotch.
Here they are/unfinished.
An updated/finished picture will be coming soon!
Oh, I tried them on after I pinned them and they fit great. I also got three little pin sticks in the leg. :(

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doll Parts

I am doing a LOT of organizing around my home and dammit if I don't spend most of my organizing effort on my crafting supplies!
So, yesterday I come across my polymer clay, which was abandoned shortly after I purchased it and the initial excitement wore off. I opened each package, messed around with each color for a few minutes, sealed it in baggies and left it completely motherless and alone, to fend for itself in my craft storage drawers.
So here I am almost a year later, getting a little poly clay itch I'm just dying to scratch!
I have a minor fascination with anatomy, surgery and sometimes trauma. I am drawn to those late night Trauma shows but quickly turn the channel when one of my little ones or my hubby come in the room. Chad is disgusted with any kind of innards and I don't want to give my kids nightmares.
I decided to to a little anatomy research so I can make a few little trinkets of various organs!! I think to myself "What's cuter than a uterus?! Nothing!"
I start my search on the laptop in the room and away from scared children and husbands.
Uteri are not as cute as I once imagined. Not ugly, but not smiling at me either!

Yarn Craving

So, I was digging around in a couple boxes yesterday to see what I packed away when winter was over last year, and I found my Stitch n Bitch Crochet book that I got for Christmas a couple years ago.
I page through and remember how much FUN it is to complete
a lovely crochet project! I miss making nice neat stitches all in a lovely row.
The decision was made to grab my dusty hooks and rearrange my yarn collection. I will have to get rid of a TON of acrylic yarn to make way for the new yarn I've already purchased in my head!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Payson, AZ. I don't know what it is about this place. Every time I make the two hour drive up North to see some lovely lakes and do some catch and release, I get a glimpse of the strange sign phenomenon that I've come to expect in this area of Arizona.
Ok, so I've only snapped two photos that I consider to be somewhat strange.
I'll let you decide for yourself if these signs are odd!

I like the first one! The second one is just a little disturbing! Whoever heard of a Cabaret with cattle?!

Go figure. I will have my camera handy during my next visit to Payson and all the beautiful lakes in the area. I have been visiting the area a few times a year for as long as I can remember and I never want to stop the tradition! It's amazing how peaceful it seems, even with all the city peeps, like myself, trying to get away from the hot city and breathe a little bit of mountain air. We all gather by the lake and pretend we're alone and things don't seem so bad.

A little thing called blogging...

I'm not sure but I think I may like the whole blogging thing. I talk way way way too much so why not talk out into open space and see if anyone reads it?!
Fine by me! I think I have a lot to talk about but sometimes it seems like you can talk to someone for an hour and what has been accomplished? Just the passing of information from one brain to another... hopefully there ARE some brains involved! Well, apparently no brains are involved at the moment but I'm just filling up some empty air for someone who is looking to read without thinking much about WHAT they are reading.
Time to get the roast ready for dinner!